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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kak Pah, Listen!

kak pah, macai umno, suara mahasiswa, sharifah zohra, pah jabeen
Perempuan tidak Wajib Pakai Tudung tapi Wajib Tutup Aurat - UAI -

Nota Tersepit :
- Kak Pah merujuk kepada sharifah, bukan sharifah Aini tapi sharifah Zohra anak pak Jabeen
   [ Presiden Pertubuhan Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia (SW1M) ]
- Penulis bukanlah seorang pro pembangkang mahupun anti kerajaan sebaliknya hanya seorang 
   mahasiswa kerdil bersifat Neutral yg masih waras untuk membezakan masalah manusia & haiwan.
- Penulis ingin memohon maaf sekiranya ada kata² di dalam entry ini yang mengguris hati
   mana² pihak. Niat penulisan hanya untuk menyatakan pendapat, so don't take it too seriously :-)
- WAJIB tengok Video di bawah sebelum baca entry ini.

Reaksi penulis semasa menonton video ini :

Video Mula : Emcee ni orang ape erk, india ke sikh. . . Hmmm . . . .
                (rupanya melayu, campur arab sket la kot, kalau x mana datang kak pah nyer)

Minit Pertama : Wahhh semangatnya student india ni pergi ke depan ajukan soalan, 
                     bukan calang2 soalan pulak tu!

Minit Kedua : Berani seyh student ni, suara lantang kemain, aku pon x mampu buat mcm tu.

Minit Ketiga : Setiap soalan yang dia bagi disertakan dengan hujah, that's what we call student! 

Minit Keempat : Ni apehal plak emcee ni tetibe mencelah ni, aku x habis dengar lagi soalan die ni

Minit ke 4 : 20 : WTF

Minit Kelima : Let me speak, Let me speak, Let me speak Let me speak, Let me speak.
                  Minah ni parkinson ke -__-" Style cakap nak angkuh je, x bleh blah!  

Minit Seterusnya : Hanya mampu tersenyum sinis sambil menyakitkan mata, hati & telinga melihat Kak Pah melontarkan hujah² nya yang bukan sahaja x matang, malah x menjawab soalan student tadi.

Dear Kak Pah, Listen!

 Listen listen listen listen listen  listen listen listen ( direpeat sebanyak 99x ) LISTEN!!!

First of all respect is earned, not gained.

          How could you tell Bawani to listen and respect while you, yourself don't respect her when she didn't get to finish her talking?  You pulled away her mike, chided her, belittled her education, stopped her questions, mocked her and yet you say that is respect? I feel ashamed to have you as a fellow Malaysian who claims to like human rights but seem unable to understand it's basic principles. Respect is a two-way street, it's not about someone's age. You do not deserve any respect for being such a disrespectful robber of freedom of speech, Kak Pah oiii. Maybe you were thinking that your status are so high and no wonder, you treated Bawani so lowly.  #sigh

Dear Kak Pah, Listen!

          i don't care if you are PMS or whateva but the way you intruding Bawani's speech, pulling her mic away and saying that "dont compare malaysia with other country, if you dont like this system go to other country" is so rude & unacceptable. Did you know that we should compare our country with other countries because in order to develop and to become another nation we learn from others and improve from what we learn.

Then you continue your so called " speech " by asking her : 
"What are you doing in Malaysia?" 
Excuse me, she's in Malaysia because she's a MALAYSIAN. It's HER country, she has the right to be dissatisfied. She has the right to improve her education if she wants to. Freedom of speech, she has the right to voice her opinions. She loves her country enough, wanting to change it for the better, dont u get it? Surely not! 

          Just like Bawani, im a student too. LISTEN TO ME, Why must I get off the country that I was born in? I’m paying my tax, I don’t break any law, I’m freaking contributing to the economy as well, why must I get out of MY country? All these uneducated people who speaks as if they own this land should get a reality check, we all are part of this country. Malays, Chinese, Indians and all other Malaysian citizens!

Dear Kak Pah, Listen!

          To me Bawani KS made a bold statement with good points about having a free education by giving some countries names as example, telling the audience about GDP Cuba things 
but the answers she got from you =  :

‘When I speak, you listen’, ‘jangan samakan negara lain dengan Malaysia’, ‘apa yang kamu buat di Malaysia, go to Cuba, go to Argentina, go to Libya’ (Libya?) ‘you must understand what is democracy, you must understand – what is perhimpunan lebih dari 3 orang di sesebuah tempat’, ‘animals have problem’,   ‘kucing ada masalah’, ‘anjing boleh menggonggong’, ‘lembu kambing ada masalah’, ‘kita manusia lebih rakus daripada ikan’, ‘and you tau tak binatang apa yang paling banyak sekali masalah?’, ‘pernah makan shark finn?’ atau ‘you are very much to go to another university’.

          Zeriously?  I myself dont really have an idea of what you are trying to compare? human, an animal with politics? What nonsense is that? muahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

kak pah , listen, sharifah zohra jabeen,
Kak Pah, u should consider about working in
Animal Planet too since u can understand animals feelings very well

          Lets try this for example, when you are about to die because of not having enough money to buy food, and someone like you said, listen, listen, listen, the animals are also dying because they dont have sufficient money to buy food. LOL. What comparison is this? Clearly its not logic at all. I am sorry because you are entitled with Presiden SW1M. Dont embarrass us Malaysians more, OK Kak Pah? Shame on you if the outsiders were to see the video. And what is more important, in fact, the videos are currently being watch by outsiders. Talking about media's influences. . . 

Dear Kak Pah, Listen!

          Just a piece of advise. A good leader is always a good listener. A good leader must have an open heart and a good leader always dare to admit mistake, face critics and resolve problem, learn how to respect someone of your own gender. You clearly have no rights to speak about human rights when you clearly don't understand the basics of it. Again, Its her (Bawani) right as a Malaysian to voice out her opinion. Who the hell are you to tell her to go Cuba or Argentina to get herself educated? Please do yourself a favour and go back to school. Educate yourself first on how to respect one another. If you are not prepared to answer question don't come to public forums, sit at home and speak to your cats and try to solve their problems coz you clearly have an IQ level of an animal. You think you made a champion out of yourself by humiliating that girl infront of the 2300 fellow students? Clearly now the whole nation is proving you who's the biggest fool of all. May Allah guide you to the right path. Enuff Said.

Dear Kak Pah, Listen!

You better read this ===> Muslim Etiquette of Talking

Or if u think reading is boring, listen listen listen to this song XD


Still bored? then u should definitely need to Dance while 
listen listen listen listen listen listen listen LISTENNNINGGG
to your New Remix! XD ( It's Kak Pah, Bitch - Clubbing mood ON )


          My personal congratulations and best wishes to Ms Bawani KS who fought for the rest of the students who rightfully deserve free education and a country free of corruption. Young girls like her who are willing to speak up against injustice is a rare breed. Though she was only given a short time to deliver her speech, she made every Malaysian proud and set an example of how one should fight for their rights.

P/s :  Penggunaan bahasa rojak secara meluas dalam penulisan blog ini adalah disebabkan penulis 
         hidup in the rojak society, loving rojak and have a rojak family background. Peace! :-)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Not So New Year's Resolution

fireworks, Happy new year, new year celebration

                                                       “ We will open the book. Its pages are blank. 
                                                        We are going to put words on them ourselves.
                                                                  The book is called Opportunity 
                                                            and its first chapter is New Year's Day.”

Nota Tersepit : Zeriously aku baru perasan yang entry aku kali ni dah macam karangan BM tingkatan 4 kelas sains ok. So bacalah dengan pasrah ye + tahun ni aku juga berazam untuk update this blog at least once a week. Hopefully it works XD

Assalamualaikum & Happy 2013 to all of u guys!  :-)

          Actually i was thinking, is that necessary for me to write my so called " Azam Tahun Baru " untuk tatapan umum because my resolutions almost the same for every year. Kinda lame right haha. This gonna be my first time writing about this thing & im hoping that after publishing this entry, im not like hangat² tahi ayam or in english we called it as chicken poopsy shits i guess. Whateva

           Kalau sebelum ni bila nak masuk tahun baru je mesti akan terkeluar azam² yang entah datang dari mana dan agak sukar untuk direalisasikan.. nak pergi Disneyland lah.. DSLR baru pon ok jugak.. i-phone 5s pun boleh... ended up NOTHING! So this year my Main Resolution is to be good in Time Management.

         In order to have a good time management, we need a Good Sleep which means masa tidur tu kenalah cukup yer, 8 hours of sleep is good enought for adults.

sleeping, emo, tattoo, sleepy

          Aku selalunya tidur kurang 5 jam sehari, tidur lambat mostly bukanlah sebab study or buat assignments, tapi sebab sibuk mengkhatamkan benda² lagha yang x ada dalam silibus pun. Kalau setakat supernatural tu 3 season sehari je aku khatamkan. Selalunye budak² U ni suka sangat layan Running Man sampai lebam, pastu main dota sampai x ingat dunia, bila dah boring stalk crush erghh. Bile fikir² balik, this is the Main reason why i always leave things until the last minute.

Berikut merupakan kesan² sadis yang aku alami akibat tidur lambat :

- Tidur lambat menyebabkan aku kerap makan makanan yang tidak berzat
- Tidur lambat menyebabkan aku kelihatan seperti bapak budak sebelum waktunya
- Tidur lambat menyebabkan aku bangun lambat dan lewat ke kelas
- Tidur lambat membuatkan aku kelihatan tua sebelum usia
- Tidur lambat menjadikan aku manusia yang kurang produktif
- Tidur lambat menyebabkan aku solat jauh tersasar dari waktunya
- Tidur lambat menyebabkan keseluruhan hariku menjadi tidak best!

Why good sleep is important :

good sleep, sleep well, time management, important of sleep

           Konklusinya, dalam pengurusan masa, tidur yang cukup sangatlah penting. As a student aku rasa makan malam sebelum maghrib + tidur pada jam 10.00 pm = Bangun sebelum masuknya waktu solat fardhu Subuh merupakan satu rutin yang wajar dipraktikkan. Most of my Chinese friends have that kind of sleep & eating habit, no wonderlah they are sooo outstanding. So no matter what kind of resolutions you have, embrace this new year with new spirits ok!

    “ Time = life. Therefore, waste your time & waste of your life 
or master  your time & master your life.” - Alan Lakein -

new year resolution, new years eve, new hope, new challenges, awesome 2013

P/s :  Kalau dulu sehari rasa macam  lama je, tapi sekarang sehari macam sejam je kan.
        Bangun pagi  >> kelip² >> dah malam. Keberkatan masa dah x ada.
        Hopefully i can fulfill my 2013 resolutions. Amin