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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Contest SEO Eridy & SEO for Dummies

          Whazzup guys, this gonna be my second entry about Contest SEO Eridy. I'm writing this post as i got lots of questions from my blog readers about SEO after they read my Contest SEO Eridy entry. So below are a simple explanation about SEO for those who have 0 understanding about it aka dummies..

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of optimising a website so it has the best possible chance of being visible within the organic results of a search engine.

The organic or natural results of a search engine are those that are unpaid, the top results given as an answer to a query appear there (ex: Contest SEO Eridy) because the search engine deems them to be the best possible answers to your question.

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How to make my website has a higher SEO?

Someone who’s a recognized authority in a field tends to make more money than an amateur, wouldn’t you agree? Because an expert is more likely to be recommended by others and command higher prices, right? Can you imagine someone you consider an expert or authority in his field? What are some of the qualifications that make this person an expert in your eyes?

  • Years of experience in a field   * (age of website)
  • Recommendations from others   (number of inbound links from other related sites)
  • Endorsements from top industry experts   (quality links from other authoritative websites)
  • Depth, breadth, and quality of knowledge   (size of the website and amount of information found there) * Referring to

SEO is just like that. It’s the work that goes into making your website an authority in the eyes of search engines like Google, so that they will “recommend” it to its users, by ranking you higher than your competition.

The key areas that unlock the maximum SEO potential of any website can be divided into three which is:

  • Content
  • Accessibility
  • Usefulness

Content : Improving the content and experience offered to users of the site. There are many ways that content can be improved though generally speaking content should come from a reliable and credible source, be original, well presented and obviously meet the needs of the searcher.

Accessibility : Webmasters need to aim to have a website that is accessible to as many people as possible, independent of factors such as connection speed or device. A website that performs well and has as many entry points as possible naturally becomes more accessible. Search engines have now become very sophisticated in gathering and using data to judge the accessibility of websites and this can range from data taken through social media networks and even data related to the speed performance of the site over a period of time.

Usefulness : A website must satisfy the intent of a user. Careful research and analysis must be undertaken to understand what web users need and want to get out from a website and it must be provided to them as clearly as possible.

[ Source : John | Alexander ]

Still blurry? or if you guys easily get bored when it comes to reading text like me, 
you can just read SEO Man Comics below.. which is pretty kool and easily understandable :)

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 As a conclusion, SEO involves writing pages that use keywords (ex: Contest SEO Eridy), 
words people use in searches, and securing links from other pages to show how important your 
page is compared to others. Links are votes and votes get your page rank at the good position in 
SERPs  (Search Engine Result Pages).

Simple Equation : Great Content + Quality Links = Search Engine Success!

Hoping that this entry will help SEO dummies aka beginners out there to get a rough ideas about SEO & for those who still didn't join this Contest SEO Eridy, you guys can clik >> HERE << to participate and stand a chance of winning a total cash prize of RM500!

P/s : This probably will be my last entry for this year due to real life commitments. So i would like to take this opportunity to wish a happy upcoming new year to all my lovely blog readers. May 2014 fulfill all its promise and may all your expectations be exceeded. Till then, Wassalam.. =)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Contest SEO Eridy

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Salam Hujung Minggu Semua :) 

Nampak x banner cantik kat atas ni, macam hensem jer, macam poyoo jer.. macam one direction jerr.. So harini for the first time in my blogging life aku enter satu contest yang diberi nama Contest SEO Eridy. Siapa Eridy ni erk? Aku pun x tau sebab tuan punya blog ni agak mysterious persis Che Mat Gebu.. So korang anggap jelah dalam 5 hekor kumbang kat atas tu salah sekor daripadanya merupakan Eridy. Mungkin lepas ni lebih ramai penyertaan dari golongan hawa x pun mereka² yang baru lepas habis SPM muahaha.

Contest SEO Eridy ni telah dianjurkan oleh bertujuan untuk memperkenalkan blog baru beliau sekaligus menjadikan blog tersebut lebih cepat diindeks dan diranking oleh Google. Kalau korang tengok blog Eridy ni simple sesangat. Rasa macam baca coding PHP kat notepad laptop. Tension plak aku tetibe. Aku rasa si Eridy ni sure busy giler kan, thats why lah dia anjurkan Contest SEO Eridy ni & thats why jugalah aku tetibe jadi rajin tolong die buat banner kat atas tu weee.

Lebih poyo lagi, bila nak join Contest SEO Eridy ni baru aku terhegeh-hegeh nak pi google SEO tu amende..  (merenung ke jendela) .. im noob when it comes to SEO but i do know a little bit about it. Kalau x tau baik x payah jadi student IT ye dak. Contest SEO Eridy ni dah dapat beratus penyertaan x kiralah dari blogger newbie suam² kuku macam aku ni sampailah kepala blogger-blogger otai tahap yakuza bab² SEO nih.

Dah tu x reti-reti nak buat ayat macam ni ke :

 "Saya blogger baru, saya masuk Contest SEO Eridy ni just untuk timba pengalaman dan belajar mengenai SEO, x kisah pun menang ke x hehehe"

(padahal dalam hati waaa aku masuk ni sebab aku nak menang la wei! Kalau menang boleh le aku pi bayar bil Streamyx yang dah sebulan tertunggak tu)

Tapi hakikatnya,  tujuan utama aku masuk Contest SEO Eridy ni sebenarnya untuk lihat sejauh mana personal blog macam blog aku yang kurang nilai SEO nya ni boleh diindeks oleh Google. Menang or kalah belakang cerita, yang penting kita boleh belajar dan lihat bagaimana peranan SEO dalam menentukan kedudukan sesuatu blog dalam enjin carian seperti Google.

Hadiah untuk contest ini ialah wang tunai berjumlah RM500.00

Tempat pertama : RM200 x 1
Tempat kedua : RM 100 x 1
Tempat ketiga : RM 80 x 1
Saguhati : RM 20 x 6

Pemenang akan ditentukan melalui blog yang berada di kedudukan muka surat pertama carian Google bagi keyword “Contest SEO Eridy”. Carian dibuat di menggunakan private browsing.

Contest SEO Eridy ini juga akan berlangsung selama sebulan tetapi penyertaan akan ditutup pada hari Rabu 11/12/2013

 P/s : So kepada insan² bertuah yang dah terbaca entry ni bolehlah join Contest SEO Eridy ni yer untuk mempertingkatkan lagi tahap kesihatan blog anda teheee :)